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The History and Founding of SARS
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David’s Input On The History SARS: THE EARLY HISTORY OF SARS By David Martin 6-10-2013 In January of 1991, Charlie Pierce, Paul Squires (the only other radio collector we mutually knew aside from Homer Henrioud (Rest In Peace), thusly invited) and David Martin held a short meeting in David’s home to explore the possibility of starting an antique radio club in the Atlanta area. Among other things, club names were discussed in the meeting. Paul decided that he didn’t want to be a part of forming a club, citing it would be to much work and that the officers always do 90% of the work and the members only 10% (Sound familiar?!), but stated he’d like to just be a member only if we got it started. So Paul politely bowed out and left the meeting. For weeks Charlie and I proceeded to make grand plans for starting a radio club on our own. We discussed names and we liked Southeast Antique Radio Society the best, thought about abbreviating it to SEARS, but didn’t want the confusion between the club and the well known retailer, so we settled on SARS.   Read the full story here.
Charlie’s Input On The History SARS: The best I can remember on starting the club. Can’t exactly remember there year <1990 but I remember that I had been to several swap meets in my early collecting years and thought that it would be nice if Atlanta had a Antique Radio Club of our own. There had been some other attempts by other people to have small swap meets in the area, but never to actually start an organized club. Thru my collecting radio hobby I had met several people over the years. David Martin, Paul Squires, Larry Fleegle, Don Patterson, and others. I was talking to David Martin one day and mentioned about starting a club. He was interested and so it goes. The best I can remember after calling as many people as we could, we all got together at a Shoney’s and discussed forming a Club. Some wanted to name the Club SEARS but we decided on naming it S.A.R.S. We would meet monthly at Shoney’s and have mini trunk swap meets in the parking lot. I believe David Martin was elected First President of the Club. I think I was Vice President and maybe Treasurer at the same time.