Southeastern Antique Radio Society

Monthly Meeting Schedule - Meetings are the second Saturday of each month unless specified.

Saturday, Jul 13,        9 am  All American 5 Radios.

NOTICE ! Our live Meetings will take place 9 AM at the Adult Recreation Center of the City of Roswell.

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Announcements will be sent to all members via Club News.

See swap meet page for map to the Fowler Park Recreation Center.
Our Next SWAP MEET WILL BE outdoors, September, 28th 2024 at 9 am.
The location is now Pavillion 1, Fowler Park in Forsyth County.

Saturday, Aug 10,      9 am  Novelty or advertisment Radios.

Saturday, Sep  14,     9 am  Tombstone Radios.

Please join us for our live, in person meetings.

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Fall Swap Meet:
When you book a reservation for the event, please let us know if you can bring a table or need a table.
There are only a limited number of tables provided by the facility and some of these are 5 foot round.

Southeastern Antique Radio Society members are dedicated to the preservation

and appreciation of antique radios.  Our members have a wide array of interests

which include collecting, historical research and the technical evolution of all forms

of communications and broadcasting equipment.  Many of our members are HAM

radio operators as well.  We are proud to be incorporated as a non-profit

organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Photos for the Christmas Gathering in SmugMug…. Click Here
Detailed Map to the Swap Meet at Fowler Park 
Printable copy
Detailed map of Fowler Park Itself.  Inside the Park.  Click Here   Printable Copy