My name is Jim DelPrincipe and I have been a member of SARS since November 2004. It was my great honor to have served

as club president for 5 years and club secretary for 3 years. Now I enjoy playing the webmaster, a skill that is brand new to me.

I have been a ham radio operator for 58 years as WN2KMN 1963, WB2KMN 1964, WB3BRK 1974, KA1GBI 1980 and finally

KD1I from 1981 to present.  I also held a commercial radiotelephone operators license years ago because my employer would

pay me fifteen cents per hour more which was a tankful of gas back then. Recently I earned another commercial license called a general radio operators license or GROL just for fun. I retired January 2016  and am enjoying every minute of it with more time for radio projects. Here are a few of my radios, both broadcast and ham. I hope you enjoy them:                                
  More BC Radios  because you can never have enough.

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Modern Ham Gear New and Old      Boat Anchor Station   Broadcast Radios
The SARS members are really a great bunch of guys who are far more talented than I am when it comes to restorations. We have members with amazing skills in wood working, refinishing, making parts with a CNC machine, electronic repairs and much more. I am in awe of them. We have a blast at the monthly meetings with show n tell and a presentation on some topic. There is more energy than a group of kids. Our swap meets are a fine way to meet and greet old friends and dream of radios we had or would like to have. Sometimes we meet at members homes and marvel at someone else’s collection, have lunch and swap stories. If you have read this far you MUST be interested in collecting old radios so I hope you will join us. ALL are welcome!!  My Very Best to You, Jim
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News Flash!     Radio KD1I has a new QTH. We are now high in the North Georgia Hills in the town of Dahlonega.  

 I must post new photos as the rig and radio collection has changed considerably so stay ‘TUNED’ to this station.